Business built to last decades

Business built to last decades:

Greg Cooper started Coopers Joinery in 1975, and has made a great business from making great kitchens and bathrooms.

The opportunity

“I’ve been with Counted for over 30 years” says Greg. Greg tapped the advice and service of Counted for everything from bookkeeping and tax compliance through to SMSF and even property development.

With a long-term trade business employing sometimes up to 15 people—and working with the rhythms of the construction industry, the risks were partly about opportunity to expand. “Counted have always been there to help me with my business be it strategy or the day to day operations” says Greg.

The challenge

When Greg Cooper started Coopers Joinery in 1975, he couldn’t even imagine the business challenges that would unfold over then next 45 years building everything from kitchens to laundries to cabinets and virtually everything in between.

“Things like SMSF weren’t even on the radar back then” says Greg. “But I knew I needed to structure the financial side of my business every bit as well as I made furniture—because every business needs the right foundations in the long run”.

The results

“I’d originally started in a small shed” says Greg. “But many years later accumulated the surrounding blocks and developed the site—and then put it all in the hands of an SMSF fund, which has done fantastically well for the family”.

Greg loves that Counted are great people, and connect him with other services he can trust. “I have so much time for everyone down there”, says Greg. “Katrina is fantastic, and they’ve helped connect me to all kinds of other professionals, like legal and insurance—I couldn’t speak of them more highly”.

“They advise me on everything from wills to Self managed Super—and really keep me in line!”.

Greg Cooper
Owner, Coopers Joinery

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