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We’ve served Toowoomba for many years, and grown with the town. Drop into our Margaret Street office to find out why people and relationships matter so much to us.

With us,
you’re Counted.

We’re about getting involved. We offer the expert relationship that supports every step, every decision, every advantage.

Approachable when you need more than the basics. Consistent when you need more than the big dream. Efficient when you need more bandwidth for the big picture. Capable when you need everything taken into account.

Over the years we’ve become premium accountants in Toowoomba. We provide the practical, personalised help you can always call on—and count on.

“Relationships, people and
communication are everything with us”.

Shane Wilson
Counted Partner

Values count.

We’re defined as people and as professionals
by living and working our values.


The whole picture should add up to quality client experience—the training, the commitment, the relationship.

Integrity matters.

With us you get exactly what you see—we’ve earned the trust that clients place in us, and we’re always earning it.


There’s no substitute for serious and proven expertise, the professional mixture of knowledge and experience.


A working culture influences all the thousands of choices our team make, towards quality and excellence.


People are our focus, relationships make us love our work, and are the key to creating value with our expertise.

It’s all about
our people.

At Counted there’s a culture of expertise and openness that lets clients into the fold.

Shane Wilson

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As certified Xero Partners we have the deep knowledge to help you set up and master your accounts on the cloud.

Clients count on us.
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From unexpected retirements and sudden
business sales, to legal eagles with livestock
and smallholdings.

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