Legal eagle on horseback

Legal eagle on horseback:

Powerhouse lawyer Kym Briese grew a flourishing legal firm, then expanded into small-cropping and equine challenge.

The opportunity

“I tend to drive the decisions” says Kym, “but some wise words from Counted along the way had me tweaking and refining—and planning an interesting transition”.

The Counted team helped Kym and her family structure their entities to maximise lifestyle options and minimise red tape and taxation—including interests in livestock such as cattle and poultry for breeding and selling.

“Now we operate 6 businesses in total”, says Kim, “including the law firm, massage therapy, and of course the small-holding farm and equine challenge facility which we rent”.

The challenge

“Growing a legal practice has been a great journey” says Briese Lawyers founder and owner Kym Briese, “and Counted have been a part of it for the past 15 years”.

Briese Lawyers grew from 3 staff initially to now 20 staff, including 4 lawyers and 16 support staff—all adding to payroll complexity and demanding more robust accounting systems. As Kym began to diversify her interests, it made sense to explore some new and interesting areas.

The results

“The structure’s been relatively easy—because the people at Counted are always accessible” says Kym. “Their culture’s a good fit for ours—it’s relationship-driven and so we refer a lot of our own legal clients to Counted for safety and trust”.

In fact Kym’s gotten so close with some members of Counted that they’ve gone in costume to each other’s office parties. “Friendship has been an unexpected outcome”, says Kym. “Katrina from Counted was Glynda the good fairy—and I was Dorothy!”.

“Tax is on-time, every time, over 15 years—and I have the structure to support my life goals”.

Kym Briese
Principal, Briese Lawyers

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