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7/09/22 | Article

More than skin-deep: Why we’ve renamed our practice.

We don’t write many blog posts and articles. We’re not the types to lift our heads from the work. Accounting’s about the detail, and we’re always knee-deep into getting our clients the best result.

After 20 years in the business of serving Toowoomba families and businesses as accountants and advisors, we have taken some time to reflect on our journey and how we have become who we are today.

And with as a result we have decided to change our practice name. After over 15 years as DC Advisory Group and DC Accounting, we’ll be known as Counted from now on.

‘Rebranding’, they call it. It sounds a bit foreign, but the process got pretty close to home. We dug deep into our values—and came out with a new name, and a new story to match.

Here’s why we did it—and why it matters.

Old story, new chapter.

Our firm has a long history in Toowoomba. Starting in 1999 as ‘WJ Dingle and Co’ through to ‘DC Advisory Group’ with current owners Shane Wilson and Steve Beckett joining the team in 1999 and 2003 respectively.

The recent years have seen a lot of changes internally, embracing technology, growing the team and developing the culture of valuing clients. The most visible change has been the move to new offices at the beginning of 2020.

The newly fitted-out offices on Margaret St opposite Queens Park—right by the Mothers’ Memorial—embody some of our history. Some people joke that it’s the best address in town, but for us it has a personal history. Shane’s dad worked there when it was 4GR—the first commercial radio station in Queensland.

Facing the future. 

But the long history behind us hasn’t stopped us looking forward. We work with all the technology and tools of a future-facing business. We’re connected to the cloud, we use software that makes us more efficient—and makes it easier for our clients to have visibility and peace of mind. 

So it makes sense to have a name that reflects the best trends in modern branding and communications. We’ll never lose our professionalism, but the walls have come down on formality in accounting. ‘Counted’ is direct, and punchy, and immediate. It reflects how we actually speak, and starts the conversations we want to have.

And those conversations are about values.

The real value of values. 

Even though nothing changes for our clients, we think the new name and brand are more than skin-deep. They show much more of who we really are—our values, how we treat clients, and why you matter to us.

Over the years we’ve become one of the premium accountants in Toowoomba. We’ve got there through our values. Clients matter to us in a way we haven’t seen in many other firms. We’re driven to provide the practical help and expert relationship clients can really count on.

The name and brand language work a few ways.

‘Your money matters’. ‘Your retirement matters’.

‘With us you’re counted’. ‘With us you’re never late’.

All of our new language is about how our clients count to us. It puts that idea front and centre in even our internal conversations—so new staff very quickly get the core of the culture.

Come and count with us. 

In the end, the re-brand and new name is an invitation. If you’re already a client, we hope you get the reflection of our values in our new name. If you’re not yet a client, we hope you reach out knowing that we’re driven by a focus on what matters to you—because you matter to us.

You can reach us on 07 4616 9000 or [email protected]

You can always count on a conversation with us.

Because with us, you’re counted.

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